White Maine Coon

4 August 2022

Since the beginning of the 90s, Maine Coons have won the hearts of the people of our country, and in their homeland in the USA, these large long-haired cats have been popular for at least 100+ years. This is not surprising, given their accommodating disposition and unusual appearance: a powerful and long muscular body, thick coat, expressive eyes and charming lynx tassels on the ears.

Maine Coons are also interesting in terms of coat color: black, red, blue, cream, and, of course, white Maine Coons have their admirers. And we will focus on animals with a snow-white coat.

White-haired Maine Coon

When they say that the Maine Coon is white, they mean the color is white solid – one that suggests that all the animal’s coat is uniformly colored in one color without any streaks, stripes and spots. Even small spots of a different shade on the fur coat (for example, cream or others) are considered a disadvantage. At the same time, white Maine Coon kittens are sometimes born with small “colored” marks on the muzzle or on the ears, but over time they disappear, and the fur becomes snow-white.

Looking at photos of white Maine Coons, it is impossible not to note the beauty of these amazing big cats. Outwardly, their wool resembles fluffy angora fiber: it is just as soft and airy. And what about a long tail-fan with flowing hairs? But sometimes potential buyers refuse to buy a pet with a white coat, fearing the hardships of care. However, it is unlikely that a white Maine Coon will require more care than, for example, black or cream. Pets of this breed are relatively unpretentious in comparison with other long-haired cats.

Problems of Maine Coons “blonds”

Some white Maine Coons have a defect, its name is deafness. The inability to hear the sounds of the outside world can occur when both or one of the kitten’s parents has a special mutated gene responsible for the white coat color and blue eye tint, although a white Maine Coon with blue eyes is rare, more often the eyes of these cats are green or amber -copper. One way or another, if blue-eyed cats are often completely deaf, then those who have heterochromic eyes (i.e., different colors, for example, one eye is blue and the other is green) often have deafness only in one ear (on the other hand, and blue eye). However, this does not mean at all that all “blonde” Maine Coons cannot hear. Fortunately, not all white cats have a “dangerous” gene, because the chances that the cat will be deaf are not at all one hundred percent. But it is better to know about this feature of white cats in advance.

In addition to hearing problems, it is white Maine Coons who are most prone to allergies . There are many reasons for the appearance of such an unpleasant ailment: poor-quality food, dust, saliva of parasites, medicines, chemical cleaning agents. Inattention to the manifestation of allergies also leads to a deterioration in the condition of a white coat due to constant combing, leakage from the cat’s nose and eyes, and inflammation of the skin. To determine what the snow-white pet is allergic to, you will have to pay a visit to the veterinarian.

How to keep a Maine Coon coat white?

Although long-haired white Maine Coons do not require special care, like, for example, Persians, certain rules will have to be followed so that the fluffy coat does not lose its beauty:

  • The eyes of white Maine Coons should not be wiped with furatsilin, tea leaves or decoctions of herbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, etc.), otherwise yellow-brown spots cannot be avoided. It is better to use boiled water for daily rubbing. If the eyes of the animal are inflamed, you can wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in saline or boric acid solution – they will not leave a mark on the white fur;
  • So that the white coat does not turn yellow, you should follow the cat’s nutrition. Liver, beets, seaweed, carrots, pumpkin, which the cat eats, contribute to the fact that sooner or later the fur coat will take on a stale yellow color. Moreover, the effect of yellowness can manifest itself even if the listed products are contained in dry and canned food. If the animal takes vitamins, it is important not to overdo it with the elements iodine and copper, otherwise the coat will change color;
  • Eating cheap, economical food flavored with dyes has an extremely negative effect not only on the state of health, but also on the appearance. Savings and a white Maine Coon cat are incompatible concepts;
  • Of course, poor care can also worsen the appearance of white wool – rare combing and bathing. These cats need water procedures at least once every 3-4 months, it is also recommended to bathe Maine Coons during molting. In this case, it is better to use special shampoos marked “for white wool” (like “White Cloud” from “Api-San” or “Shampoo for Snow-White Cats” from “Fitoelita” or others). Remove dead hair to white cats every day during molting, and the rest of the time – a couple of times a week. For the muzzle, you can use a brush with short teeth, and for the body – with large ones;
  • Significantly worsen the luxury of white wool can be ectoparasites, and any skin sores (eczema, dermatitis, etc.). To avoid flea and tick infestations, the cat will need to be treated with insecticidal agents. And if you suspect a skin disease (there are a lot of wounds on the body, the skin is inflamed, appetite has disappeared , etc.), you will have to pay a visit to the veterinary clinic. By the way, the fur of white cats looks untidy if helminths live in their body . In these cases, the fur coat is disheveled, with sticky hairs, and the very appearance of the animal is painful. In order to avoid helminthic invasions, it is recommended to carry out deworming once a quarter, and for treatment – as prescribed by a veterinarian.

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