Maine Coon Colourpoint

8 August 2022

You Say that in the breed Maine Coon Colourpoint is impossible? Everything impossible is possible!

The Maine Coon Colourpoint (Colorpoint, Color point, Colour point) has been around for a long time and is hotly debated by breeders all over the world. It appears that the first reported Colourpoint kittens were born in Germany in 1976 or 1977. They lived no more than a few months, and we have no real evidence of their existence. The first registered Colourpoint kittens were born in the 1990s to a female and a male from the same line that we wrote about above. There have been others, but in Germany breeders have been threatened by telephone and cats have been bullied to prevent them from being shown as examples of Colourpoint Maine Coons. This attitude has not led to transparency.

Colourpoint Maine Coon kitten

Colorpoint Maine Coon kitten. The photo shows the same kitten, aged 3 and 15 days.

Colourpoint Maine Coon kitten. The photo shows the same kitten, aged 3 and 15 days.

If we look at the pedigrees issued by Belgische Kattenliefhebbers Vereniging and Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kattenvrienden, we can see the fifth generation of male Maine Coon Benjie Lord Chandoran (Black tabby) and female Siamese Cala Guya Lalo’s Andante (Blue point, Lilac carrier.). The female born from this pair is named Cala Guya Lotus and registered as a hybrid (XSH). You can view the pedigree here >>>

In fact, many organizations allow Maine Coons to cross with other breeds, and generally allow any cat after the fourth “purebred” generation to be registered as a Maine Coon. Consequently, after a couple more generations of breeding, the outcross with another breed disappeared from the pedigree.

Now let’s see the pedigree of The Beauty Farm Makoesja (MCO!!!) she is one of the descendants of Cala Guya Lotus (XSH!!!) in the 5th generation.

Having examined the descendants of this cat, we see that many Maine Coons have it in their ancestors.
Of course, this is not the only case, as a result of which Maine Coons sometimes carry unusual genes.

Also, an additional problem is that the Colourpoint gene is recessive. This means that the appearance of a point kitten is possible only if both of its parents also have a pigmented color. But sometimes there are exceptions. One or even both parents can have a solid coat, but at the same time be carriers of the cs gene, which is responsible for the darkening of the peripheral parts of the body. In this case, some kittens will turn out to be pointy.

Markus et Nicole Hæseli, breeders and owners of Don Carlos, were very surprised to see the first litter of their cat Belinda Blue of Gold Rain + Chandor von Ukana. There were three black tabbies and one white, which later turned out to be a blue point.

It makes no sense to condemn the breeders who saw in one or another of their litters a strange white kitten, the color of which changed as it matured. The recessive gene may reappear after dozens of generations.

At the moment, we know of a few Maine Coon catteries that are currently working with color point – Colourpoint. One of these cattery is located in Ukraine, the second one is located in Russia.

We are sure that every year more and more people will be interested in the Colourpoint in the Maine Coon breed.
We hope that in our section “Maine coon kittens for sale“, Maine coon colour point kittens for sale will also appear.

P.S. The Maine Coon is adorable in any color and we won’t be surprised if the breeders don’t stop there and in the near future we can see the Maine Coon Golden color ( MCO ny 11, MCO ny 12, MCO ny 25 ).

* maine coon golden

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