Maine Coon kitten for sale in United States

23 July 2022

Where to buy a Maine Coon kitten in the United States of America? Buying a Maine Coon kitten, like any animal, is a responsible business. Many Americans make life easy for themselves and go to the nearest pet store or the pet department in the supermarket. Why is this behavior dangerous?

Firstly, only the so-called “black catteries” supply kittens to stores, where there is no proper care for kittens. The owners of such “catteries” do not monitor the health of their wards, do not do genetic tests, do not do prophylaxis against worms, do not vaccinate, feed somehow. Of course, such kittens are much cheaper than kittens from well-known catteries that have a reputation, a large list of recommendations from happy buyers, an Internet site where they report the sale of their kittens, show their photos, etc.

How to choose a cattery to buy a Maine Coon kitten?

Black breeders do not care about the health of their cats, females start giving birth at 7-8 months and do it without interruption, exhausting the strength of the Maine Coon female. When a female gives birth without interruption, she cannot bear healthy offspring and kittens are often born with pathologies that are hidden and will definitely appear when the kitten grows up. When mother Cat gets sick, it is not profitable for them to treat her, since it costs a lot of money, the fate of this female is disposal, sometimes not in the most humane way.

And wouldn’t it be a pity for you to look at the tears of your child if a kitten bought in a store gets sick or, God forbid, dies. Who will be to blame for this?

By buying a kitten from a pet store, you are supporting flayer breeders.

Acquiring a kitten is a serious matter that will require certain financial investments, and most importantly, your love and affection for a new family member. Yes, yes, the kitten you bought should become a member of the family. Only then you will grow a healthy and big Maine Coon, which you can be proud of.

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  1. Jayden Griffin

    Feline leukemia virus is one of the most common infectious diseases in kittens for sale in the United States!!!


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