How to choose a cattery to buy a Maine Coon kitten?

18 July 2022

Buying a kitten from a breeder.
How to choose the right breeder or cattery, especially when it comes to acquiring Maine Coon cats? To do this, you need to follow the general rules that are uniform for choosing any cattery.
First of all, let’s define the terminology. Many people believe that a cattery and a shelter for stray cats are the same thing. But in fact, the differences between them are very significant.
A shelter for cats is an object of a social nature, and a cattery is a commercial one. Homeless animals live in the shelter, as a rule, mongrel. Most often, you can take a cat from a shelter for free or for symbolic money.
The cattery, unlike the shelter, specializes in breeding animals, and not simple, but exclusively pedigreed. Even a single person can act as a cattery – a breeder, concurrently — the owner of one or two or three cats with a good pedigree. It is he who takes care of the exceptional purity of the breed and the health of the feline offspring.

How to choose the right cattery Maine Coon?

  1. Ideally, the breeder should have an appropriate professional education
    related to veterinary medicine, biology or zoology. Of course, there are
    enthusiasts who love animals so much that they know more without education
    than some specialists. But this is the exception rather than the rule.
  2. 2. Pay attention to work experience: how many years has the cattery existed, how long has the breeder been breeding the Maine Coon breed, what are his successes in this field, whether he participates in exhibitions, whether there are reviews about him on the Internet.
  3. The openness and attentiveness of the breeder to customers is no less
    important than his professional qualifications. The owner of the kennel
    should easily answer all your questions concerning the breed, its features
    and standards, the care of a four-legged friend and the subtleties of its
  4. In a professional kennel, together with a kitten, you must be given its
    pedigree, documents confirming the purity of the breed, vaccination
    certificates, recommendations for care and maintenance.
  5. The responsible breeder is attentive to customers, scrupulously
    assessing their capabilities. If he doubts the future happy fate of an elite
    representative of the feline world, he may refuse to buy you.
  6. If the kennel is ready to give you a month-old kitten, this moment
    should alert you. Professionals transfer the animal to new owners when it
    reaches four months, when all vaccinations have already been made.
  7. Evaluate the conditions in which kittens are kept in the nursery: how
    many animals are there, whether there is enough space for them, whether
    there are scratching posts, what babies are fed, whether they are accustomed
    to the tray.
  8. Kittens of Maine Coon with excellent pedigree are always expensive —
    there are no exceptions here and, in general, there can not be. The prices
    of breeders of Maine Coon breeds are rather big, but this is quite
    understandable. In order for the nursery and its inhabitants to always be in
    an exemplary condition, it is necessary to constantly invest a lot of time,
    effort and finances. Finding and buying the perfect breeding stock, updating
    it, the best feed, vaccines and veterinarians — all this simply cannot be
    cheap. However, you can count on a discount if you agree to become the owner
    of a beautiful kitten with a so-called “marriage” of the breed. The main
    difference of such a kitten is only that he will not be able to participate
    in breed exhibitions and breeding, but he will be no less a beloved pet.

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