The basic rules of Maine coon feeding

26 July 2022

The history of the breed’s origin influenced the formation of habits and behavior of domestic cats. For example, the Maine Coon is an unsurpassed hunter. His nature requires meat and fish, and he uses vegetables and grass in nature only to cleanse the body.

Professional cat breeders do not have a common opinion about the diet of the Maine Coon. Some believe that the animal should have free access to food, while others prefer a strict schedule with 3 meals a day.

During the period of active growth, some Maine Coons eat without stopping. Daily weight control and its dependence on feeding are important here. If the cat has a good metabolism, then you should not limit the approaches to the bowl. But as soon as the scales begin to show extra pounds, and the animal loses activity, the desire for games and walks, it’s time to take action. Because excess weight puts a strain on the heart and ligaments, and traditional diseases are already associated with these organs in the Maine Coon.

The Maine Coon diet involves 3 types of nutrition:

  • Natural food is the use of normal “human” products and the independent combination of the balance of nutrients. The method is not the easiest, but very effective. Especially during the period of active growth of the Maine Coon. It allows you to fully control the process, change the diet depending on the state of health of a four-legged pet or its behavior, be confident in the quality of the products that are offered to the cat.
  • Industrial dry and wet mixtures. They are divided into 4 categories: economy class, premium, super premium, holistic. Taking into account a healthy appetite in adulthood, this is the best food for the Maine Coon.
  • Mixed nutrition. It is usually based on a combination of two types of industrial feed (dry and wet), but sometimes contains components of natural products. The latter is not welcome among professional felinology experts due to difficulties with the control of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. But a rare Maine Coon owner refrains from indulging an elderly cat with something delicious.

In order for the Maine coon to grow big, it needs to be fed with high-quality products, regardless of the type of nutrition.

Die Grundregeln der Maine Coon Fütterung

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