Stomatitis – inflammation of the gums in Maine Coon

7 August 2022

In cats, inflammation of the oral cavity is common. Generalized inflammation of the entire oral cavity is called stomatitis. There are several possible reasons for its occurrence. It can be chemical, mechanical, thermal damage, viral infections, periodontal diseases, immunological disorders, systemic diseases. Sometimes, in order to identify the primary disease, a series of laboratory tests is required.

Stomatitis can be catarrhal, vesicular, ulcerative, dephtheric, phlegmanous and gangrinous. It proceeds acutely and chronically. There are primary and secondary.

There are a number of symptoms that may indicate that your Maine Coon has stomatitis. Animal feed intake is disrupted. Sometimes there is a complete loss of appetite. Foamy viscous saliva may come out of the mouth. The animal can sneeze, rub its muzzle, mucosal edema and its defects are visible, fever and depression are sometimes observed.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of history and clinical symptoms, as well as laboratory tests. The anamnesis is of great importance in differential diagnosis – to exclude rabies.

For the treatment of primary stomatitis caused by mechanical, chemical or thermal damage, local treatment with drugs is most often sufficient. But many types of stomatitis require long-term treatment, often full recovery does not occur.

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