Puberty Maine Coon Kitten

7 October 2022

Just yesterday, a funny kitten was running around in your house, funny, playful… And suddenly there comes a moment when his behavior changes, the kitten begins
to look for the society of fellow tribesmen of the opposite sex. When does it happen?
How to prepare for this? How does it manifest itself outwardly?
Puberty in Maine Coon kittens on average occurs at the age of 7-9 months. But these terms are
very arbitrary, and often puberty occurs even at 4-5 months or, conversely, is delayed
until 11-12 months of age. What determines the time when your kitten will turn into
an adult animal?

What affects puberty?

  • Addition

Earlier puberty is typical for “thin-boned” cats.

  • Season

Cats that reach  4-6 months of  age in spring and summer experience puberty
earlier than their peers during the winter months.

  • Maintenance and nutrition

Comfortable home conditions and regular good nutrition will also help your pet “grow
up” faster.

  • Wednesday

Cats living in catteries or prides, where there are many adults of both sexes, mature
earlier than a Maine Coon kitten that lives alone in a city apartment.

  • Heredity.

What can delay puberty?

  • Overfeeding and weight gain.
  • Breed and composition. In heavy, large breeds, as well as breeds with long
    hair ( Maine Coons , Persian, British), puberty occurs somewhat later.
  • Heredity.

How does puberty manifest itself outwardly?

In cats, puberty is determined primarily by the time of the first estrus. An attentive
owner will not miss the external manifestations of the approaching estrus: an increased
desire to caress, rub against the legs, about interior items, slight secretions
of mucus from the genitals. After  a day and a half,  the manifestation
of estrus becomes more obvious: inviting meowing is combined with rolling on the
floor, the cat takes its tail to the side, thereby showing sexual desire. Sometimes
refuses to eat.
Of course, at the first estrus, not so bright manifestations are possible, but any
significant change in behavior should alert the owner.

  • If you decide to have offspring, remember that physical and puberty are
    not the same thing at all.

In cats, the moment of puberty is characterized, first of all, by the beginning
of sexual hunting. The cat meows, trying to attract females, marks the territory,
the urine acquires a sharp, unpleasant odor. Can tear furniture and wallpaper. The
character changes, excessive playfulness disappears, and the games are more reminiscent
of hunting scenes for the victim.

What to do?

First of all, understand that this will happen to your Maine Coon kitten sooner or later. Then
decide if you plan to have offspring. To do this, if possible, evaluate the breeding
value of your pet. It is best to do this in a cat lovers club. If offspring is undesirable,
then the right decision is castration (sterilization). This method is much safer
than drug regulation of the cat’s estrus.
If you decide to have offspring, remember that physical and puberty are not the
same thing at all. Regardless of the timing of puberty, the physical maturity of
a kitten occurs no earlier than  10-12 months of  age. It is for this
period that the first mating should be planned.

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