Natural diet for Maine Coon kitten

24 June 2022

Food for a kitten should be calculated and consumed according to established standards.

Feeding Maine Coons by months can be represented as follows:

At 1 month, the kitten is gradually introduced to the new food. Food becomes varied, special milk, lean meat, and milk porridge are added. But the foundation is mother’s milk;

2 months feeding occurs about six times. The daily norm is 120-150 g, at this time the use of milk and milk porridges is limited;

3 months and up to six – the norm is feeding 4 times a day, meat should be given no more than 40 g;

A small Maine Coon from 6-9 months old needs to be fed three times a day, and the norm is up to 250 grams;

10-12 months, active growth has already stopped and the cat can be fed several times a day.

* formula for mainecoon kitten

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