Mating Maine Coon cats: rules and tips

6 August 2022

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing complicated in mating a female. It is enough to find her a male, and nature will take care of the rest herself. But the responsibility for this physiological process still lies with the owners of Maine Coons. It is important to know when the first mating should be, how to prepare the animal for it, whether any documents are needed. You should think about mating already when the first signs of puberty of a cat appear.

When the female Maine Coon is ready for mating

The first sign that a female is ready to mate with a male is in heat. During this period, the female is especially affectionate, purrs a lot, rubs against furniture and walls, while sometimes appetite worsens and urination becomes more frequent. Sexual maturity in a female Maine Coon occurs at about 6-7 months, and the first mating can be carried out starting from one and a half years or during her third estrus. It is after her that the female is finally ready to mate with males, and her body is perfectly tuned to this process. It is also undesirable to delay the binding, since the female can become aggressive and refuse to mate.

What the owner needs to know before knitting a female Maine Coon

There are several rules that you should adhere to before mating your pet:

  • Male candidates must be selected before the cat reaches the age of estrus.
  • Before mating, the female should not be given hormonal drugs that suppress empty estrus. They can negatively affect the state of her reproductive system and complicate pregnancy.
  • = The female Maine Coon should be treated for parasites in a timely manner and vaccinated . Both the female and the male should be equally tested for viral leukemia, viral immunodeficiency and genetic diseases peculiar to the Maine Coon breed. It is better to do all this a month before mating.
  • It is not worth the female two weeks before mating in order to preserve her specific smell of estrus. She needs to trim her claws to avoid mutual injuries.
  • For the first mating, an experienced male partner should be chosen so that the animals do not get lost in the process. It happens that the female is afraid and does not let the male. The binding in this case may be delayed or simply not take place.
  • You need to choose a territory for mating. As a rule, it takes place at the home of the owners of males.
  • It is necessary to take a veterinary passport and things familiar to the female: food, a bowl, a toilet tray, a carrier.
  • It is necessary to stipulate in advance the conditions of keeping the female for these 2-3 days. You can draw up a contract if you want to engage in breeding the breed.

The process of mating Maine Coons

Before you take the female to the male, wait for 2 days of estrus. On the first day of her stay in the new house, the female explores the male’s territory to make sure of her safety. A full acquaintance with the male takes place on the second day and takes a few seconds. But it is always preceded by a courtship ritual. Usually the male sniffs the female and purrs loudly. She may hiss and try to drive him away, but this is part of the ritual. When the male moves away from the female a little, she begins to purr invitingly and flirt with him: lifts her tail, lifts her trunk, falls on her front paws. When the male approaches, she runs away, and the ritual begins anew.
A few hours later, the male grabs the female by the scruff of the neck and begins to stamp around to cause her counter desire. So he can approach the female several times. If she doesn’t mind, she removes her tail and presses herself to the floor. The whole mating process takes place very quickly — from a few seconds to 4 minutes. The male ejaculates, he begins to rumble quite.

Behavior of the female Maine Coon after mating

After mating, the female does not immediately become calm. It happens that she demands a male after mating: invitingly meows, behaves restlessly, looking for him. Or she can refuse to eat, hide, sleep a lot. But after a couple of days, this condition passes and her hormonal background calms down.

How often can you knit a female Maine Coon

Experts have two opinions. Some believe that a female can be mated through one heat. Others insist on carrying out only 3 mating for two years. If you do not plan to register a nursery and breed kittens, be sure to sterilize the female. A suppressed sexual instinct can cause her a number of negative consequences — from hormonal disorders to the appearance of oncology and various pathologies. If, after all, the pet has successfully given birth and produced offspring, you need to make sure that she feeds him. There are often situations when a female refuses kittens and tries to escape in search of a male. Therefore, show increased attention to her during the growing up of the kids.

Breeding cats is not as easy as you might think. Before deciding on this, think carefully about whether you need it.

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