Maine Coon does not let you sleep at night – Maine Coon does not sleep at night and runs

7 August 2022

Night comes, the owners fall asleep, our pets Maine Coon cats wake up — fluffy pets are full of energy, they want to run and play. It is not surprising, because domestic predators have shorter sleep cycles, besides, they see perfectly in the dark. If the cat is awake at night and does not let you sleep, it may not be tired enough during the day. What to do when a four-legged friend interferes with rest?

Normally, representatives of the cat breed sleep about 12-14 hours a day and the Maine Coon is no exception. But sometimes the internal biorhythms of animals can change. There are several reasons why a pet is active at night and does not let the household sleep:

  • A surge of strength. The pet simply does not have time to spend energy in a day. The cat is most likely bored in your absence, and rejoices after returning. This joy provokes a sharp change of mood. From emotional stress, the animal begins to have a surge of energy, tension arises, which he tries to relieve by active play: he begins to run, jump, make noise, tries in every possible way to draw attention to himself.
  • Boredom. Some cats wake their owners at night with loud meowing and even scratching, because they are simply bored.
  • Character traits. For example, a cat may not like daytime noise — it is more comfortable for her to walk around the apartment (house) at night. So she can walk anywhere, no one will interfere with her.
  • Resentment. Yes, a cat can intentionally prevent the owners from sleeping, for example, if he is offended for something.
  • Malaise. Another cause of feline insomnia is often a disease. If a furry friend has something that hurts, he often can’t find a place for himself, walks in circles, starts yelling.

Also, cats wake up at night because of a feeling of hunger or an unrealized sexual instinct.

Ways to solve the problem

What to do when a cat interferes with sleep? First of all, you need to find out the reason for excessive activity at night. If it’s a lack of communication, try to pay more attention to your pet: communicate with him, pick him up, stroke him, treat him with your favorite treats.

So that the cat is not hungry at night, give her food shortly before bedtime. After a good dinner, she will not want to go in search of food. You can also leave a small amount of food in the bowl: if the pet gets hungry, he will be able to satisfy his hunger on his own.

If, after a hearty feeding, the cat still wakes you up at night and asks you to eat, do not react to this behavior. So he tries to attract attention, and the response will only consolidate a bad habit: the cat will start demanding a night snack constantly. Do not raise your voice, do not swear — this will be a sign that the cat has achieved his goal.

Play more active games with your pet: the more he moves, the more tired he will be and the stronger he will sleep. Build a game complex or arrange a space where your pet can climb. Open shelves, mazes, houses are suitable for this.

In a situation where nocturnal insomnia is associated with malaise, it is worth showing the cat to the veterinarian. In some cases, drug therapy or educational techniques will help to correct behavior.

Useful tips

If the cat does not let you sleep at night or insistently wakes you up early in the morning, try the following:

  • Arrange a cozy recreation area for the cat. For example, near the window. Choose a spacious couch, hang a hammock or put a soft mat.
  • Do not lock the cat in the kitchen or in the bathroom at night. Left alone, the cat will try to get out and create even more noise.
  • Do not start the morning with feeding. The pet will remember your actions and will wake you up for the morning portion of food.
  • Show the cat a video with running mice, flying birds or insects. An interesting video series will help to awaken the hunting instinct and interest the cat. Perhaps the animal will want to arrange an independent hunt. Attempts to catch up with prey is a good warm—up, after which the fluffy pet will sleep soundly.

Cats should not be punished by pouring water from a spray bottle and throwing slippers at them. It’s best to be patient and explain to them day after day what you can do and what you can’t do. In the evening, it is better to play with them yourself and restore the emotional contact lost during the day. Believe me, these furry creatures really want it. After all, the fact that cats perceive their owners as parents has already been proven by science.

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