How to take care of the eyes of Maine Coon cats

6 August 2022

In general cat care, special attention should be paid to her eyes. Regular and competent eye care will strengthen the cat’s health, improve its exterior qualities for the exhibition and well-being.

If your cat’s eyes are normal, they don’t need special care. It is only necessary to periodically inspect them and, as necessary, wipe them with a damp cotton swab (to remove dried secretions).

It is necessary to take care of preventive measures. Before washing the cat and treating with insecticidal preparations, apply a protective eye ointment under the upper eyelid. Make sure that the wool does not get into the cat’s eyes. It can leave scratches on the cornea of the eye.

How to determine the onset of the disease? If the third eyelid (the blinking membrane) comes out of the corner of the eye and partially covers the eye, then this may be a sign of fever or infection, sometimes this is due to intestinal problems. The appearance of the third century on only one eye indicates problems with this particular eye. Increased lacrimation (especially if the tears are cloudy and brown), swelling of the eyelid or redness of the eyes indicate the presence of a respiratory disease. Inflammation of the eye and the appearance of a large number of eye secretions of a non-standard type and color indicates an eye disease, most likely infectious. In all these cases, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian for the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

In some cases, this treatment can be carried out at home, using special eye drops. If the pathology of the eye is not too serious, caused by a change in some local conditions (sudden warming, dustiness, etc.), then the competent use of eye drops will be quite enough to eliminate the trouble.

But it is still better not to treat a cat without consulting a veterinarian.

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