How to properly care for the Maine Coon’s tail

27 August 2022

The tail of Maine Coons attracts the attention of those people who see this breed for the first time. It is somewhat similar to the tail of a squirrel, because it is the same fluffy, long and incredibly beautiful. To keep the tail like this, you need to devote a lot of time to its care. In this article we will tell you how to take care of such a gorgeous tail. This is a real pride and luxury, so you will have to pay a lot of attention to the tail. This is especially important for those Maine Coon owners who plan to show their pets at exhibitions.

Very often there is such a problem as the increased fat content of the hair of the back and tail of the Maine Coon. As a rule, this is due to the age of the cat, because such a problem occurs only in those who have reached puberty. Washing the cat with shampoo in this case does not help, and the use of various balms and conditioners can only aggravate the situation. The question is, what to do? Very often, no matter how funny, the owners of Maine Coons wash their pets with dish detergents, which, as they say in the advertisement, fight fat the best. They may be struggling with fat. But after that, the hair on the tail of the Maine Coon becomes dry, thinned. After these manipulations, it will be difficult to restore the original beauty of the tail. The hair on the tail is restored very slowly. It is also worth noting that the skin after the application of degreasing agents becomes very dry. This leads to peeling, dandruff and hair loss from the tail. You don’t need to do that!

Now we will give you some ways to take care of the Maine Coon’s tail. The tail is treated with potato starch, as well as talc (baby powder). How so? The fact is that these products are used as a dry shampoo. They absorb all moisture very well, and also absorb dirt and grease. Instructions for beginners: first, apply a uniform layer of starch or talc (baby powder) on the tail and greasy places of the coat. With smooth and gentle movements, we rub it into the fur and skin of the Maine Coon. Then you need to wait about two to three minutes. This time is enough to absorb fat and dirt from the skin and fur of the cat. We shake them out of the cat with gentle pats, or with a hair dryer. This is a great procedure that is really effective.

There is also a second way. It is more effective, but it also costs more. Before washing your cat, a special GOOP paste is applied to the problem areas of his skin and coat. Also in the modern veterinary market you can find an abundance of other similar products from other companies. They can be recommended to you by a professional groomer. You need to gently rub it in, and hold it for a while on the cat’s fur. After that, I wash the Maine Coon with warm water, and as a result we get a perfectly beautiful and well-groomed animal that everyone around us will admire. This procedure is done depending on the contamination of the cat’s fur, so it is not necessary to follow any schedule for washing your pet. As you can see, it’s not difficult to take care of Maine Coon fur, you just need to know the most effective recipes. The greasy coat of the Maine Coon is not a problem! Try and learn. Good luck to you, and the tail of your Maine Coon will be the most beautiful!

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