How to feed Maine Coon with natural products?

24 June 2022

In order for a cat to grow up healthy, its diet should be properly compiled and maintained. If you feed your cat incorrectly, it will lead to illness and damage to some organs. Many owners are wondering what is better to feed: natural products of their own preparation or use special ready-made feeds. In this article we will try to outline the main points of the various types of Maine Coon feeding. But if you have chosen a natural diet, then it is worth learning the basic rules correctly and preparing food daily that will help your pet grow and develop. Please note that the article is written for informational purposes and in particular cases, recommendations from a veterinarian are necessary.

Meat products should be as similar as possible to the nutrition of cats in their natural environment. Therefore, it is recommended to give raw beef to a kitten not more than 30 grams, and to an adult cat 100-120 grams. Starting from three months, the amount of beef per day should not exceed 150 grams. Boiled chicken without bones should be given daily, it is better to give kittens up to 3 months of age breasts, and then you can already have legs. Of the offal of beef and chicken, it is worth including in the diet the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, exclusively boiled. You should not often give the heart and liver, but only in the form of a treat. To protect the cat from infection, you need to scald with boiling water and refreeze the food before cooking.

It is wrong to assume that cats love fish and this will be the best food for them. It is impossible for such a breed to eat a lot of fish, it is dangerous for them. After all, it contains a large amount of salts that form kidney stones. It is given infrequently, because it will harm the pet’s body. Fish is given sea or ocean. Do not feed a cat with fresh river or pond fish. Raw red fish, trout, salmon, herring are recommended several times a week as a source of fatty acids.

Quail eggs are quite useful for such a breed. But chicken is also included in the diet, but only a couple of times a week, so as not to cause allergic reactions. They are added to dairy products. Cats of different ages should eat eggs, but not often.

Dairy products
Cats should eat dairy products with a fat content of up to 9%; fat-free products should not be given. You can not give fermented baked milk, cream and sour cream, as well as yogurt with additives. It is not recommended to use products with a long shelf life, this can cause significant harm to the health of the cat, because there are many harmful additives. The best product is cheese with a fat content of 5-9%, kefir 3.5% and yogurt. It is recommended to use products with a short shelf life. Milk is best suited for kittens under the age of three months, because adult cats perceive it poorly.

Cereals (cereals)
Buckwheat, oatmeal and multigrain flakes are a source of numerous vitamins, as well as minerals necessary for the body. Meat porridges are cooked on their basis. Maine Coon porridge recipe can be obtained from veterinarians and prepared solely on the basis of it.

Vegetables and fruits
Vegetables are given in any form, according to the preference of the pet. Basically, the diet includes carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, tomatoes and cucumbers. Use them once a week. They go well with meat and cereals. Any fruits are given, if the pet prefers fruits, do not deny him this delicacy and do not limit him. However, many cats categorically do not like citrus fruits.

Sprouted wheat is only beneficial for the pet. You can make healthy bait for your pet at home using wheat or oats. Street grass is strictly prohibited. Also, you can not add it to food, as the cat burps the grass.

Maine Coons should always drink clean and fresh water. It needs to be defended or filtered. Boiled water is not useful for such a breed, because of it the teeth of the animal deteriorate.

* formula for mainecoon kitten

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