Healthy wet food for your Maine Coon

2 September 2022

The majority of cats are fed with wet food. It is important to always pay attention to high quality and workmanship when choosing a cat wet food. You should feed your cat with a healthy cat wet food that has a high meat content and a low carbohydrate content.

What is good wet food for Maine Coon?

Cats should be fed with a cat wet food that contains a very high percentage of meat, has few carbohydrates, is free of cereals and is made without sugar. The best wet cat food is characterized by the fact that the addition of animal by-products such as hooves, claws, beaks, animal flours and the like is dispensed with. Furthermore, a lot of unsaturated fatty acids in the form of high-quality oils should be included, as well as all the vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements. A high-quality cat wet food also always contains a sufficiently high amount (1000mg) of taurine.
An open declaration on the packaging of the cat wet food gives you an insight into the ingredients used and gives you information about the quality of the purchased cat wet food. A good cat wet food should always be made and developed without soy protein and without animal experiments.

What wet food do veterinarians recommend for cats?

Veterinarians recommend wet food for cats, which is made from high-quality meat, contains a sufficient amount of fiber, and most importantly, does not contain cereals and sugar. Veterinarians also recommend that cat owners always feed a cat wet food that has been produced without dyes, flavorings and preservatives. The cat wet food offered should also always be adapted to the state of health and age, as well as the individual needs of a cat.

Which is better – cat wet food or cat dry food?

Basically, no feed is better or worse than the other. There are very high-quality cat food and dry cat food on the market that provide your cat with all the nutrients, fats and vitamins as a complete feed. If you feed your cat with a dry cat food, you must always ensure access to fresh drinking water every day so that your cat does not get constipation or digestive problems.

How much wet food should a Maine Coon eat per day?

The daily requirement for wet food of a cat always depends on how dense the nutrient content of the wet food offered is. The higher the quality of the cat’s wet food, the less the cat needs daily as a food ration. In addition, it is also very important how active your cat is in everyday life, whether it is, for example, an apartment cat or a walk-out cat, whether it is neutered or not. In general, the age, state of health and weight of a cat should always be taken into account in the daily ration of wet food.

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