Calculation of the feeding ration of an adult Maine Coon cat with examples

26 July 2022

The Maine Coon nutrition table, calculated by months, is already losing relevance by puberty. From this period, each cat develops individually.

If feeding is carried out with industrial dry or wet mixtures, information about the number of products should be obtained from the instructions, which are usually placed on the package.

Natural homemade food cannot be issued according to the recommendations of the manufacturer brands. In this case, the balance of substances in the diet is calculated according to the usual “human” table.

The most important component in the diet of an adult Maine Coon is protein. Food with its content should take from 90 to 95% of the portion. It should only be remembered that a cat needs a daily protein allowance within 30% of the total amount of products:

  • beef – 100 g contains 18.5-20 g of animal protein;
  • rabbit – 100/21;
  • chicken (the lower the category, the more protein) – 100/18,2-21;
  • turkey – 100/19,5-21,5;
  • polka dots – 100/5;
  • brussels sprouts – 100/4,8;
  • beans – 100/3;
  • carrots – 100/1,3;
  • pink salmon – 100/21;
  • crucian carp – 100/20,7;
  • sea bass – 100/18,2;
  • sturgeon – 100/16,4.

By-products of cattle and poultry are considered separately. Their protein value varies from 12 to 18 g per 0.1 kg of product.

The menu for an adult maine coon is made taking into account proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which all together should fit into the weight of 0.3-0.4 kg of the finished product (depending on the physical condition of the cat):

  1. 120 g of chicken + 60 g of rice + 30 g of carrots – boil, chop, make a mix and offer the maine coon for breakfast.
  2. Grate 50 g of raw frozen beef on a coarse grater, 30-40 g of low–fat cottage cheese for dinner.

The difficulty of natural feeding is the need to constantly count nutrients. But this disadvantage is compensated by the opportunity to diversify the menu and give the cat a really healthy meal.

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