Adaptation of a Maine Coon kitten in a new house

2 October 2022

Cats are hard to tolerate everything new, and it is especially difficult for them to get used to someone else’s environment. This, first of all, concerns very small kittens that were separated from their mother. But there are some rules that will help the Maine Coon kitten quickly get used to the house and the new family and love it.

The first days of life Maine Coon kitten in a new house

If you are considering getting a pet and your choice is a cat, this is the perfect solution. However, do not rush to bring the kitten to the apartment as soon as possible. Very young cubs need a mother cat, and especially her milk.

Therefore, breeders recommend separating kittens from their mother at 12-16 weeks of age, when they can eat solid food, such as dry food , on their own . If you take a 2-month-old pet, he can suffer stress, which will very badly affect the health of the baby. In addition, mother’s milk supports the kitten’s immunity. At 3-4 months of age, the pet is already able to be independent and eat  wet kitten food . But still, it is worth paying a lot of attention and care to the animal during this period.

It is worth paying special attention to the transportation of the animal. It is better to transport a kitten in a carrier , inside which you should put your favorite toy or mattress with the smell of the mother. So the pet will not see or hear external irritants from the street and will comfortably arrive in a new home.

The first time in a new house, the kitten will experience fear and anxiety. It is important not to create additional stressful situations for him. Don’t speak too loudly or make sudden movements. This is especially true for families with children. A small child can run or play with a kitten and inadvertently scare the pet. Therefore, before bringing the animal into the apartment, calmly explain to the children that the baby does not need to be touched for the first week.

When you arrive home with a new resident, calmly lower the carrier to the floor and release the kitten. Do not create unnecessary sounds or movements. Let the pet walk around the apartment, sniff everything and get acquainted with housing. Often the animal immediately runs under the sofa. Do not pay attention to this – this is a normal reaction to a change of residence. No need to try to get him out of there, on the contrary, the less you touch him, the faster he will calm down and adapt.

Safety regulations

Before you bring a kitten, you need to prepare an apartment for him. Remove all wires, sharp objects. Also close sockets, windows and put grids. While the kitten is small, he will climb into all dangerous places with curiosity.

If you already have a cat or dog living in your house, then you should not immediately introduce them. Remember, first a new pet must get used to the new environment, and only then to people and other animals. At first, contact with pets should be kept to a minimum. Two days you can keep pets in different rooms. If they behave aggressively when meeting, do not worry. Over time, they will get used to each other.

Feeding and care

As for the nutrition of the kitten, ask the breeder what he feeds the animal. New foods or homemade foods should be introduced gradually.

Also, from the first days of life in the apartment, it is necessary to show the pet that it is impossible to take food from the table. He has a bowl from which he can eat and drink. In addition, you can not feed the kitten. So you only harm his gastrointestinal tract. Plan your pet’s diet and number of meals in advance. Give food at fixed times and never overfeed.

What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten

Buying kitten food is not enough. By the time you bring a kitten, the apartment should have the following accessories:

  • tray and filler;
  • 2-3 bowls for food and water;
  • kitten food;
  • house or bed;
  • several types of toys;
  • claw;
  • first aid kit ;
  • diaper;
  • shampoo .

A kitten is the same baby that needs increased attention and care. Therefore, if you decide to get a
Maine Coon kitten, then get ready to spend a lot of time with him for the first month, play and take care of him. Especially stock up on different toys . Indeed, in childhood, your four-legged friend loves to frolic, run and drive toys.

Never punish a kitten for hyperactivity. Pamper him, feed him delicious food, stroke him, praise him, and most importantly, love him. Then the adaptation period will pass quickly and painlessly! And the kitten will easily get used to and love his new family!

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