Сan maine coons eat fish and fish products?

26 July 2022

The second source of animal protein for the Maine Coon is fish. However, the presence of fish ingredients in the natural diet causes a lot of controversy. It is impossible to completely deprive the Maine Coon of this component of nutrition, since in nature the cat catches fish on its own. Experts recommend following the following rules:

  • At home, Maine coons receive dishes containing fish no more than 2 times a week.
  • Fish dishes should not be separate – the product is offered to maine coon along with vegetables or porridges.
  • Large and small bones are removed.
  • Cod, pollock, sprat, herring (other cheap varieties) have little nutritional value, but urolithiasis and other concomitant feline ailments develop from their use. Therefore, feeding them to a Maine Coon kitten (from 3 months to six months) is not recommended.
  • Salted fish should be completely excluded from the diet.

Despite all the prohibitions and restrictions, fish is considered an extremely valuable product in the natural diet of the Maine Coon. In addition to protein, it supplies fats, vitamins and trace elements to the body.

Essen Maine Coons Fisch und Fischprodukte?

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