What kind of food is suitable for neutered Maine Coon cats?

3 October 2022

You performed the castration procedure on your cat, and now you have a question:

What kind of food should I choose for neutered Maine Coon cats?

Sterilization of a cat, of course, makes its own adjustments to its behavior!

  • There is a restructuring of the psychological state.
  • The hormonal background is changing.
  • A neutered cat becomes calmer and no longer needs as many calories and energy value of products as before the procedure.
  • Now there is a risk of developing obesity after castration, because your Maine will become more lazy, and as a result, heart problems may occur.
  • Due to the low mobility of neutered cats and a violation of the diet, there is a risk of developing urolithiasis.

Therefore, you need to take into account the special needs of your pet in its new status.

What is the best food to feed a neutered Maine Coon cat?

3 feeding options are available :

  1. homemade food.
  2. dry balanced feed of industrial production.
  3. wet balanced feed of industrial production.

Homemade food.

If you feed your cat after castration with natural food, then you should calculate the balance of all nutrients and evaluate the nutritional value. You need to combine different foods and serve them in one serving!

The diet of a neutered cat should always be thoughtful and balanced!

Protein products, such as meat, fish, cottage cheese, should not exceed 30%, but “complex” carbohydrates, such as wheat or buckwheat porridge, pumpkin, carrots, etc., should be at least 70%. Fat in the cat’s diet should not exceed 5%, usually it is enough with meat, fish, cheese, so you do not need to add it additionally.

Pay special attention to components containing fats and “simple” carbohydrates, such as sugar, oatmeal, etc., and they can contribute to the obesity of a neutered cat.

But it is usually very difficult for cats to diversify their diet with natural products. This is the biggest challenge – combining multiple ingredients to balance portions.

Therefore, it is quite difficult to form a more or less suitable diet.


This is a food for neutered cats that you have prepared with love.


It is difficult to convince a cat to eat properly cooked food.
Constantly calculate the portion balance.
You need to cook regularly.
Make sure that the remaining products do not remain in the bowl and do not turn sour.

Dry balanced feed of industrial production

Dry food for sterilized cats has a perfectly balanced composition in terms of the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, this food necessarily takes into account all the features of the body of a neutered cat.

Nutritionists also made sure that the food always had not only the right structure, but also an attractive flavor!

The nutritional value of the food for neutered cats is designed in such a way as to give a feeling of satiety to a sterilized cat and at the same time prevent its deposition by fat deposits.

Manufacturers of super premium feeds take into account the likelihood of developing diseases:

L-Carnitine suppresses obesity and improves heart function.
Taurine prevents urolithiasis in cats.


Nothing needs to be calculated, the exact portion is indicated on the package, according to the weight and age of your neutered cat, it remains only to weigh.
It is convenient to take with you on the road.
Does not sour in the heat.


Buy on time so that the cat does not stay hungry!
Properly store in an airtight container, without access to air and light.

Wet balanced feed of industrial production.

You can also feed a neutered cat

wet food is an exact copy of dry food, and differs only in the amount of moisture in the portion.

Cats eat wet food with great pleasure, as its soft structure is very pleasant to our fastidious neutered pets.


Useful, tasty and convenient!


If the cat does not eat the entire portion from the jar at one time, then the rest should be stored in the refrigerator in a closed glass container.

It’s important to know!

The best and correct combination is when you buy dry and wet food from the same manufacturer.

But it is impossible to combine natural food with dry or wet food, as this leads to an imbalance in the digestive system and stimulates the development of chronic gastritis, pancreatitis and enterocolitis.

How to feed a neutered cat with dry food?
The manufacturer of dry food for neutered cats of super premium class, makes life easier for the owner, you just need to buy and weigh a portion of food without making any complicated calculations.

The daily portion of food should correspond to the table of the ratio of the weight of the neutered cat and its age. Such a table is always written on the feed packaging. It should be read carefully!

The daily portion should be divided into 2-3 feedings during the day.

The open packaging of the feed must be stored properly (in an airtight container, without access to light and air.

If you switch from natural feed to dry, then you need to act gradually, after 7-10 days, gradually reducing the portion of regular feed and increasing the portion of dry feed.

If the neutered animal is already obese, then the recommended portion of feed should be reduced to the lower limit of the norm.

Thus, you will ensure your sterilized pet’s health and ideal weight!

Do not forget to make your cat be active, with the help of all kinds of games.

Feed properly and enjoy socializing with your favorite Maine Coon!

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