What is the weight of an adult male and female Maine Coon?

17 June 2022

The weight of a female Maine coon in adulthood is 5-8.5 kg, and males weigh – more (their weight at the age of more than 3 years is 6-12 kg). You can find out what the maximum weight of an animal is only if it has already turned more than 3 years old, because it is up to this age that these large cats grow. A one–year-old female can weigh 3.5 kg, and a male – 5-5.5 kg, but in subsequent years their weight increases. That is, the weight of a Maine coon in adulthood by mathematical calculations is about 6.8 kg for a female and 9 kg for a male cat.

As we found out, the maximum weight of a male Maine coon is 12 kg, if we are talking about a neutered cat. And female Maine coons weigh 8.5 kg maximum. However, such figures do not mean that such large cats cannot weigh more. Provided that the owner of the cat does not monitor its food volumes, the animal may well gain weight of 15 kilograms. However, this is not the norm, because we will not discuss Maine coons with obvious obesity, because a mongrel cat can be fattened up to 20 kg or more (such a case, by the way, is recorded in the Guinness Book).

Based on the above, it turns out that Maine Coons are not such giants. The same Siberian cats, ragdolls and Brits sometimes weigh even more than the average heroes of our article. But why exactly do Maine coons look much larger, larger than other cats? It’s about a muscular body and rather long limbs, gorgeous fur, a long and powerful tail, large ears with tassels, finally. Whereas all other cat breeds often do not combine all these qualities at the same time. The same Siberians, for example, though luxurious in appearance, but still not as impressive as the “culprits” of our article.

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