What conditions of detention are required for Maine Coons?

13 June 2022

For a comfortable life, Manx cats need enough space. They like to run and jump, so they are likely to be cramped in a small room. Maine Coons are happy to frolic in the water, drink from the tap and can relax in the sink or bath with drained water.

1 Before you bring the kitten home, prepare everything you need. The pet will need bowls for food and water. You can’t do without a tray. Install it in the bathroom or another room where the animal will always have free access.

Separately, it is worth thinking about the leisure of the future pet and his own sleeping place. A good option is a game complex with a house, ladders and high shelves. Before buying, make sure that it is securely attached and strong enough to withstand the weight of a very small animal. Additional vertical or horizontal scratching posts are also desirable, which will protect your furniture from encroachments.

Maine Coons are curious and active animals. Carried away, for example, by hunting for a flying bird, they can fall out of the window. To avoid such accidents, you need to put strong nets on the windows that will resist the onslaught of large cats. This advice is also relevant for residents of the first floors, because a pet that accidentally jumps out can get lost and run away.

1 Also be prepared for the fact that the cat will actively explore the entire living space, climb cabinets, bedside tables and window sills. Therefore, with the appearance of a pet in the house, do not leave fragile things where they can be easily dropped. It is likely that the cat will show interest in the wires. Therefore, it is better to remove or just use special repellents.

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