Until what age do Maine Coons grow?

24 June 2022

Maine Coons are representatives of the category of large cats. They are very friendly and beautiful. They look simply regal, exuding self-confidence.

Note that there are legends about the weight of these pets. But in fact, their weight never reaches 25 kilograms, as the people say. The average weight of an adult Maine Coon ranges from 8 to 10 kilograms. Males are always larger, and females are a little lighter and more elegant. If we are talking about a castrated representative of the male breed, then its weight can reach up to 12 kg. But the length of the body (from the end of the nose to the tail) can reach 100 centimeters.

Breeders explain that Maine Coons visually appear much larger than they really are due to their large ears, long tail and fluffy coat. This creates a visual impression of royalty, power, strength. By the way, cats that are used for breeding are often very thin. After all, knitting requires a lot of energy from them.

As for the development of kittens and its boundary limits, the most active period is the age of up to 5 months. Already at 6 months, the weight and size of a young pet is almost the same as that of an adult. The cat continues to grow up to 9-12 months, but the pace of development is almost imperceptible. A Maine Coon cat is considered to be sexually mature and fully formed at the age of 3-4.5 years.

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