Selecting a shampoo for a Maine Coon

17 July 2022

The choice of cosmetics for a cat is as important as the choice of cosmetics for a person. It should fit the animal in all respects, so you can’t take the first shampoo that comes across, but think over this choice in advance.

Despite the fact that the Maine Coon licks himself perfectly, he still needs a bath. Often the procedure is not worth it, once every three months is enough, well, or in case of contamination or the appearance of parasites. If your Maine Coon participates in the exhibition, then washing is carried out much more often.

The cat does not like water procedures, so the question often arises whether it is necessary to bathe it at all.

First, there are cats that are let out on the street. They spend the night most often at home, neatly nestled on your child’s pillow. Therefore, the first reason for washing is the dirt and bacteria that have accumulated on the coat and paws of the animal.

The second reason is washing after a haircut. After the procedure, it is necessary to remove the sheared hair from the skin of the animal, which could remain there.

The third reason is molting. During this period of life, washing with shampoo helps to get rid of excess lint faster.

In order not to accidentally wash off the natural protective barrier from the skin, you should not exceed the frequency of bathing. In addition, you don’t need to use human shampoos, they differ in composition and are more difficult to completely rinse off.

To make the coat look beautiful and well-groomed, you need to choose the right shampoo, especially for cats with sensitive skin. Be sure to choose gentle compositions without synthetic components.

If the skin is not sensitive, and there have been no problems with irritation and redness before, then the choice will be based on the type of coat. The Maine Coon needs a shampoo that moisturizes the coat, but does not weigh it down, so that it is easy to comb and does not fall off.

When choosing a shampoo, pay attention to what composition will be easiest for you to wash your pet. It can be a classic liquid shampoo or dry, as well as a spray. Dry shampoo is a powder that is applied to the coat and combed out, but this option only helps to quickly refresh the coat, and does not get rid of heavy dirt. The spray is also not suitable for pollution.

To choose the right shampoo, you must first pay attention to its composition. It is selected according to the type of wool and skin.

There are several important points here:

Only cosmetics with non-aggressive Surfactants are suitable for animals. Such substances do not remove all fat from the skin, do not violate the natural protection, do not cause irritation;
Antibacterial agents. Provide additional protection to the pet;
Herbal extracts and various vitamins care for the coat, providing it with strength and shine;
Whitening ingredients are often added to specialized formulations. They fight yellowing of wool, which is especially important for exhibitions;
Antiparasitic components. Such compounds can be used rarely, only if necessary.
It is especially important to monitor the composition of shampoos for kittens. They should consist of non-aggressive components that gently cleanse the skin and coat. In addition, these shampoos do not cause allergies.

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