Rules for using and copying information from the site

  • Publications (articles) of the site can be used under the following conditions: materials (publications) are used only for informational, non-commercial or personal purposes;
  • edits and changes are not made to the materials that have been copied;
  • when copying, an open link to the site is indicated . the link may lead to a domain or to the page from which you copied our materials (at your discretion);
  • on each the page of your site where our materials are posted should have an active link to our site; the text of the hyperlink leading to our site can be any (at your discretion). hyperlinks should not be prohibited from indexing by search engines (using “noindex”, “nofollow” or any other means).

In case of violation of these rules, the administration and the authors of the site reserve the right to the following measures:

  • a written complaint to the owner of the hosting (server) on which the infringing site is located – with a request to influence the violator, up to the termination of the hosting contract (in accordance with the rules of all hosting providers, the publication of any materials violating the copyright of their owners is prohibited on the sites);
  • written complaints to the administration of the search engines Yandex and Google that according to their rules (see for example Google’s rules: “the Law on the protection of copyright in the digital age”) may entail “the removal or disabling of access to the material declared as the object of the violation”.


In no case is it allowed:

  • using the rel=”nofollow” attribute in the link;
  • using an internal redirect;
  • other link masking technologies.