Maine Coon vs conditioner: how not to harm an animal

24 July 2022

It’s summer outside, and not only people suffer from the heat, but also their pets. It seems that the most correct solution would be to install an air conditioner in the house. But is this technique so harmless? What harm can this do to a Maine Coon cat? Or maybe it’s better to suffer from the heat?

Dangers that await Maine Coons and other cats in the same room with air

  • Since the flow of cold air is concentrated in one direction, an animal
    that sleeps in the “affected area” may catch a cold;
  • Some owners, in order to “make life easier” for a pet in the heat, wet
    its fur and at the same time turn on the air conditioner. Naturally, you
    should not do this;
  • Microbes and bacteria that accumulate inside the air conditioner when
    filters are replaced untimely can cause a number of serious diseases in
    animals, including allergies;
  • If the air conditioner is in one room, and the heat persists in the
    others, then your pet may feel bad because of the sudden change in
    temperature when moving from one room to another.

Rules, compliance with which will protect an animal in an air-conditioned

  • the optimal temperature for most cats is 22-24 degrees;
  • it is better to direct the air flow to the ceiling, because your pet can
    snuggle on the floor under the air conditioner;
  • kittens should not be left in an air-conditioned room, as their fur is
    still too short and does not provide the necessary protection.;
  • it is necessary to change filters in a timely manner.

In general, the following conclusion can be drawn: the harm caused by the air conditioner for Maine Coon cats is similar to the dangers that await the person who installed the air conditioner. For cats, this device is an excellent escape from the heat. However, it is worth using it wisely. Take care of your pets.

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