Maine Coon tail – properly care for the Maine Coon tail

24 June 2022

Ideally, the maine coon tail should be fluffy, long – at least reaching through the entire length of the body to the shoulder blade and clean. Everyone who sees the Maine Coon for the first time pays attention to his chic squirrel tail.

Unfortunately, especially in mature Coon cats, there is a problem with increased fat content of the back and tail, which does not go away when bathing the Maine Coon only with shampoo. And the use of special balms and conditioners only exacerbates the situation.

The main mistakes beginner breeders make is to try to comb out the tail or wash it with degreasing dishwashing detergents, such as Farry. As a result of combing, the Maine Coon’s tail becomes shabby and it is likely that it will remain so, since the hair on the Maine Coon’s tail is restored very slowly. And as a result of the use of degreasing detergents that are not intended for the care of animals, the skin dries out and, as a result, peeling and dandruff.

The Maine Coon’s tail needs to be properly cared for. By the way, earlier we wrote about Maine Coon hair care.

There are several ways in which experienced Coon owners take care of the tail – the beauty of the Maine Coon.

– The tail of the Maine Coon is not washed, but the tail itself, the back and the greasy hair behind the ears are treated with potato starch or Johnson’s baby powder. These products work like a dry shampoo: they perfectly absorb oil and moisture, along with dirt.

Method of application: starch or powder is poured onto greasy wool, its powder is gently rubbed into the skin and hair of the back and tail with gentle, gentle movements. And then, after a couple of minutes, they shake out the lumps of powder or starch, shaking the tail.

– The second way how to care for the tail of coons is more expensive, but also more effective. Before bathing the Maine Coon, all greasy places: tail, back, behind the ears are treated with a special paste, such as Pre-Cleaning Creme from Jerob or GOOP. After the animal is bathed, the result is a beautiful and clean animal with a stunningly fluffy tail.

With what means you will take care of the tail of your pet, the choice is yours. But do not forget that a beautiful healthy coat is impossible without proper nutrition. Do not forget about vitamins and a balanced diet!

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