Maine Coon has a fever

27 August 2022

Body temperature in a cat is a complex indicator of the thermal state of the body. Cats are warm-blooded small predators, they are characterized by a higher body temperature than humans, and a large degree of dispersion. Body temperature in cats under normal conditions ranges from 38 to 39 degrees.

We are talking exclusively about the internal temperature measured rectally.

Each cat has its own level of normal temperature, for some it is closer to 38 degrees, for some – to 39. Fluctuations depend on the breed, size, physiology, character and maintenance of animals. It is desirable for owners to know what temperature is normal for their cat.

Body temperature is in the same range in all breeds of cats. Sphynx owners are sometimes frightened, as naked animals feel hotter to the touch than ordinary “woolen” ones. Or, conversely, getting used to the fact that their cat seems hotter, they miss the onset of the disease.

For kittens, a slightly higher temperature is characteristic – from 38.5 to 39.5 degrees.

Temperature measurement is not the most pleasant procedure for cats, and owners rarely monitor their pet’s condition on a daily basis. However, if you see changes in the pet’s behavior: the cat has become lethargic, sad, eats little or too much, sleeps more often, or vice versa, is hyperactive – it is recommended to measure the temperature. Against the background of other deviations, a change in temperature will be a clear sign that something is wrong with the pet.

An alarming symptom is both hyperthermia – fever, overheating, and hypothermia – low temperature, hypothermia.


The causes of fever are divided into two groups – caused by diseases and stress.

Cats react with an increase in temperature to a large number of irritants – moving to a new place, going outside (if the cat is kept at home), fights, for kittens – even just an active game and running around. However, in such cases, the temperature usually rises by 0.5, maximum 1 degree. If the animal feels well, you can guess what event caused the temperature increase, just watch the pets and take the temperature again after 2-3 hours. If she returned to normal – everything is in order, if not – it is recommended to show the cat to the doctor.

Useful advice – before vaccination in the clinic, measure the body temperature of the cat at home. A visit to the clinic is a stress that can cause a fever, and since only healthy animals can be vaccinated, and an examination is mandatory before vaccination, the doctor may refuse to vaccinate you. If you confirm that the temperature at home was normal, and the doctor does not find other deviations, the problem will be solved.

What to do if your Maine Coon has a fever

If the body temperature has increased by 1.5 degrees or more (39.5 – 40 degrees), it is urgent to contact a veterinarian for a diagnosis.

Diseases that cause fever:

  • viral infections (almost all, especially at the initial stage);
  • bacterial infections (almost all);
  • any inflammatory processes (injuries, abscesses, inflammation of the seams);
  • helminthic invasion (an increase in temperature is caused by the release of helminths that poison the body);
  • blood parasites (hemobarthenellosis);
  • heatstroke.

The list of diseases with the “fever” symptom is extremely wide, and the treatment in different cases can be diametrically opposed, therefore, in order to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment, it is necessary to bring the cat for examination to the veterinarian.

If the body temperature is above 40.5 degrees – it is necessary to urgently take the animal to the clinic! To maintain the condition, cool the cat – a wet cold blanket or ice in a towel on the body, especially in the neck and head.

How to take a Maine Coon’s temperature

Temperature measurement in cats:
Take a thermometer, electronic is best – it will show the temperature faster than mercury.
Lubricate its tip with Levomekol ointment or any greasy cream.

Insert the tip of a thermometer, about 1 cm, into the anus of the cat (if the animal is aggressive, you will need help, ask a second person to fix the cat by the scruff of the neck and hold the paws).

After a beep (for a mercury thermometer – after 5 minutes), remove the thermometer and record the temperature of the cat.

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