Maine coon haircut – Why can’t you cut a Maine Coon?

26 June 2022

Groomers, cat grooming salons and grooming equipment companies are proving to us that grooming is healthy, safe, and helps your pet handle the heat (actually not). Grooming Maine Coons is strongly discouraged. We would even say – it is forbidden and poses a threat to health!

Wool is the same organ in an animal as the nose, eyes or ears. This is part of a single organism, which is necessary for coordinated work. Animals do not have organs (other than reproductive organs) that can be removed without much harm and consequences.

The main reasons for a haircut that we hear all the time are:
• Reduce the amount of wool in the house;
• The animal is hot in summer (not really);
• The cat does not like the bath and the comb, and in order to facilitate the care, we want to shave him;
• It’s funny, you can do your hair.

Let’s be honest. The main reasons why owners cut their pets is to simplify the life and comfort of a person. This is done for your own convenience only. At the same time, no one thinks about what the animal is experiencing at this moment. And it experiences catastrophic stress and a direct threat to health.

Thermoregulation is the main and very important function of wool. The Maine Coon fur coat appeared in the process of evolution. Nature created the animal and rewarded him with a thick fur coat for a reason.

The Maine Coon has a double layer of wool. Upper (guard) and lower (undercoat). Due to the density, structure and density, an air layer is created between the skin and the external environment, which maintains the optimal temperature of the animal, depending on the climate around. When it is cold, the air layer retains heat so that the animal does not get hypothermia. When it is hot, on the contrary, a thin air layer above the skin prevents the animal from suffering from heat and experiencing discomfort.

What happens when you shave/cut a cat? The Maine Coon’s skin remains unprotected, and the cat simply overheats from the sun’s rays through the window or gets hypothermia simply by lying on the floor. Remember, Maine Coons are not hot in the summer, and they do not suffer from wool!

Touch and navigation. Everyone knows what vibrissa is? Vibrissae are modified organs of touch, and you have all seen them – these are whiskers on cats. But nature has conceived in such a way that the blisters are also located throughout the body of the cat, and are hidden under the hairline. Vibrissae help to navigate in the dark, to feel the world around, to recognize a threat, to hunt. It’s like hands and eyes for a person. Most of the vibrissae are shaved along with the hair. The animal feels blinded, in danger. It’s a huge stress.

Socialization. Have you noticed that in the lion pride the leaders always have a gorgeous mane? For animals to lose their hair is to lose their place in the hierarchy. If you have other pets, they will perceive the shorn cat as weak.

Stress is dangerous to health. Losing hair is a huge stress for a cat. It’s like losing an organ. Against the background of stress in animals, immunity decreases. This means that the animal is susceptible to viruses and diseases like never before.

Vaccinations are not a 100% guarantee against disease. They just reduce the risk. Thus, animals with reduced immunity are very likely to get sick and catch the virus, even after vaccination. Shave a cat – you risk getting a disease. Also, against the background of stress, all chronic diseases are exacerbated.

The Maine Coon’s coat is unique and double layered. When it falls out naturally (during the molt), it also naturally grows back. The top coat and undercoat grow different in structure and length. When cutting and shaving, the keratinization process is disrupted. Once cut off, the top layer will never grow back the same as it was before. In place of this, the Maine Coon will grow fluffy hair that is not able to form back into two layers. Thin, weak, and constantly tangled and rolling.

Very often we hear questions about sphinxes or Persians, who are regularly sheared. The Sphinx has a different heat exchange. For several centuries, his body has been adapted to life without hair, and the work of the organs is built taking into account the lack of cover. Persians have a coat of the same length in all areas and do not have such a coat as Maine Coons. Therefore, after a haircut, the Persian will grow back. Like a man, if he is shaved bald. This is not the case with the Maine Coon. The complex growth process of two-layer wool must not be disturbed.

Maine Coons are very sensitive and receptive in nature. Needless to say, there have been cases of death during a haircut from the harmful effects of stress? As well as from anesthesia, which is used for such procedures. Anesthesia is a blow to health and the risk that the pet will not wake up.

Yes, Maine Coon hair care requires a certain amount of time and effort. But not so much as to risk the health of the animal. Combing once a week, quality nutrition and, if necessary, water procedures once every six months (if the pet gets dirty). If you are not ready for this, it may be worth considering another breed for yourself. Because a Maine Coon haircut is not an option. By the way, a robot vacuum cleaner perfectly saves from wool in the house.

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