Maine Coon hair care

18 June 2022

Grooming a cat is not only hair care, but also Maine Coon teeth care, eye care,
ear care and claw trimming.

Maine Coon care, grooming should be started from 2-3 months, as these are not very
pleasant procedures for the cat and you need to accustom the animal to them from

It is important to know that in order to facilitate the care of the Maine Coon's
coat, you need to feed it properly. In case of malnutrition, lack or excess of vitamin,
the animal's hair falls off, dandruff appears, hairs fall out, tangles appear.

The main care for Coons' coat is combing the coat. Coons need to be scratched at
least once a week. A metal comb with a plastic ball at the end of the teeth is perfect
for this. Remember that the Maine Coon's tail should not be combed, because the
hairline on the tail is restored very slowly.

You can bathe Maine Coons once a month, not more often, with the exception of preparing
for the exhibition. The coat of Maine Coons, especially male Coons, is quite oily
on the tail, back and behind the ears. The tail of the kun must be degreased before

When preparing for an exhibition, it is not enough just to bathe and comb the animal.
Exhibition grooming of the Maine Coon is a rather difficult task.

Exhibition grooming includes several stages:

  1. trimming the claws of an animal;
  2. carefully comb the Maine Coon, unraveling the tangles and removing excess
  3. apply a degreasing cream to dry hair on the back, tail and behind the ears.
    After a couple of minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water;
  4. take a special concentrated shampoo for cats, dilute it with water 1:20,
    apply to the wet Maine Coon coat and massage thoroughly. Shampoo improves the
    structure of the coat, gently cleansing, adds shine, does not dry the coat;
  5. rinse the shampoo until the water runs clear;
  6. rinse thoroughly with warm water;
  7. wrap the animal in a large dry towel, blot, change the towel and blot again;
  8. take a hair dryer and use a round brush to dry the Maine Coon, stretching
    and lifting the hair from the tail to the neck.

Finishing the show grooming of the Maine Coon, clean the ears and wipe the eyes
of the animal.

And now your magnificent well-groomed affectionate giant is ready to win hearts!

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