Maine Coon cats in our lives

24 July 2022

The attitude of people to cats has changed over the centuries from love and deification (as in ancient Egypt) to hatred and extermination (as in Medieval Europe) and vice versa. Let’s pay attention to the Maine Coon, a bright representative of the feline, his Grace and agility, beauty and independence – these qualities of affectionate quadrupeds could not leave anyone indifferent.

The cat became a pet about 10 thousand years ago and already in the dwellings of primitive people, following its basic hunter’s instinct, it caught mice and other animals. They still guard houses from rodents, but nowadays cats “serve” in the British Museum, the Hermitage and several other museums and libraries around the world, protecting works of art from mice and attracting tourists.

Throughout history, cats have been friends and companions of many famous artists, artists, writers, fashion designers, inspiring them to create. Everyone knows such cat lovers as Churchill, Hemingway, Brodsky. And the Russian contemporary Yuri Kuklachev, inspired by his beloved animals, created a whole theater of cats.
Our beloved Maine Coons, with their friendship, love and trust, awaken the best qualities, making people kinder and changing their lives for the better. The most famous story about this is about the London cat Bob, who forced his master to return to normal life and overcome his addictions. There are many more such stories, of course, just not all of them are known all over the world.

A cat in a person’s life
The amazing ability of cats to anticipate danger and natural disasters has long been used by people. Sensing the approach of disaster, these phenomenal animals begin to meow for no reason and loudly, tremble, hide or run away. Therefore, Maine Coons and other representatives of cats now live as full members of the team on submarines and ships, as well as in houses located in seismically dangerous zones.

Modern medicine has long used the ability of cats to soothe, relieve pain and tension and treat some mental illnesses, brain damage and heart disease. Cat owners are much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and are almost not subject to stress.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the sounds of cat purring affect the human body in the same way as ultrasound therapy, every Maine Coon owner will agree with this, since his purring cannot be compared with other cats.. Thus, purring cats helps strengthen bone tissue, improve cerebral circulation, stabilize heart rate and normalize blood pressure.

If this cute and mysterious creature lives next to you, then enjoy his presence, use any opportunity to exchange affection and attention with him, listen with reverence to his therapeutic purring. If you are just planning to get a kitten, we recommend you to visit our section “Maine Coon Kittens for sale
And let your kitten bring harmony and well-being into your life.

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