Maine Coon and dog: enmity or friendship?

18 June 2022

Many people believe that it is categorically impossible to settle a cat and a dog under the same roof, but in fact this is not the case. This is especially true for such a friendly breed of cats as the Maine Coon, they are very good-natured animals that are similar in character to dogs. It is best that the dog and cat are the same age, and even better, if you get a small kitten and puppy, then they will become real friends.

The Maine Coon is considered the largest breed of cat, their individuals can grow up to the size of an average dog. Despite their size, they have a thin melodic voice. Many people ask the question – will the Maine Coon and the dog living in the same family make friends?

If you already have a cat of this breed, then you should take a puppy at the age of 3-12 weeks.

The first meeting of your pets should take place under the strict control of the owner. Do not force pets, they will get to know each other and get used to each other. In the event that your puppy starts wagging his tail and inviting the cat to play, then be sure they will make friends.

Cats usually sniff their new neighbors and nibble on their tails as a token of their appreciation. Maine Coons and other breeds of cats are very fond of warmth and quickly begin to understand that the dog is a walking hot water bottle. They often start sleeping together especially during the winter time.

If the pets still fail to make friends, it is better for each to allocate a separate place for rest and eating.

Why choose Maine Coon? This is a wonderful breed of cats that have a noble character. Seals are quite restrained, noble and kind. They are always self-confident, have a fairly strong character and have a sense of their own dignity. Maine Coons are excellent nannies, it is in their blood, if you have a child, the cat will become a real nurse. Also, cats of this breed are hunters, they perfectly catch mice.

Unlike other cats, they are very devoted to their owner and follow him everywhere. Cats are polite and tactful and never show excessive aggression towards strangers. Despite their size, Maine Coons are very active and mobile. They love to play with their owners and bring them a lot of joy and positive emotions. This is a great option if you enjoy keeping dogs and cats in your home.

If you get a cat and a dog at a young age, it is likely that they will make friends and play with each other. Maine Coon is a beautiful breed of cats, which is very similar in character to dogs.

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