Maine Coon and children

26 June 2022

If we talk about the Maine Coon cat breed, reviews of owners with children indicate that this breed can be a good choice for a family with a child. Maine Coons are inquisitive and sociable, they are not characterized by unmotivated aggression, and they easily find a common language with the younger generation.

Maine Coon behavior with children
The behavior of the Maine Coon with children is usually friendly and indulgent. However, before taking a Maine Coon into a family with children, an important point must be taken into account. It is possible for a child to develop an allergy, and this must be clarified before the kitten appears in your home. For example, you can visit friends who have cats and see how ready the child is for the appearance of a Maine Coon in the house.

If the family already has a Maine Coon and the birth of a child is planned, it is important to prepare the pet for this event in advance. For example, if you need to rearrange furniture or any changes in the interior, it is better to start making them in advance, a little every day, to give the cat the opportunity to adapt to the coming changes.

The behavior of the Maine Coon with children most often pleases all family members. As a rule, at the birth of a child, these cats treat the baby either with benevolent interest, or calmly indifferently. However, Maine Coons are very sensitive to the emotional state of the owner and still need communication, so the task of the owner is to provide the pet with such care and amount of communication so that the birth of a child does not cause a lot of stress for the cat.

When a child begins to walk, the Maine Coon’s behavior changes. As a rule, the cat begins to communicate with children, play with them and even sometimes patronize. And the activity and playfulness of the Maine Coon, which these cats retain all their lives, makes representatives of the breed excellent companions for children’s games and pranks.

However, it is important to ensure that communication between the Maine Coon and children is safe for both parties.

Precautions When Playing Maine Coon With Children
Do not forget, however, that a cat is not a toy. And your task is to teach children how to properly handle the Maine Coon. Only in this case, the Maine Coon’s communication with children will be safe and bring joy to all participants.

Teach your child to play with the Maine Coon “non-contact” – for example, choose toys with a string. This will help to avoid scratches, even if the kitten gets naughty.

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