Is the blue-eyed Maine Coon deaf?

23 July 2022

White Maine Coons with blue eyes are simply beautiful – a white coat combined with blue eyes! However, some have come to believe that this is a sign of albinism. No way! The reason for such a bright appearance is that in the cat’s genotype there is a dominant epistatic gene W. Such cats are born deaf in 40% of cases.

And any cat can be born deaf, one of whose parents will have this very gene – it doesn’t matter if it is white, red or black. Therefore, when buying a kitten, you should not pay attention to the color: after all, white is just a consequence of albinism, which means that your pet will hear you perfectly.Another interesting fact proving the validity of these statements: only 10-20% of white cats (of which 5% on earth) are born deaf. It is worth remembering that deaf cats need special home care, because they are unlikely to survive on the street.

Many delimiters consider it completely unfair that some breeders refuse to breed kittens from deaf white cats, believing that it is not worth increasing the number of animals with pathologies. As for the professional conscientious breeder of Maine Coons, he will never allow a deaf animal to breed a deaf animal.

Better, take it and check if your beloved cat hears well.

As a rule, inaudible kittens make sounds much louder than ordinary relatives, because they do not hear their voice.
You are going to feed the cat, and she does not react at all to the sound of opening the refrigerator door or shaking the bag of food, the cat does not notice the voices of other cats and any sounds they make.

A couple of tips for those who have a deaf Maine Coon.

Do not injure such animals, pay special attention to them: for example, you should not leave deaf cats alone or let them go outside. Try yourself, and always ask guests to look at their feet so as not to harm a deaf cat.

In order for cats to catch the vibration of your steps and be able to react to them in time, stamp your feet harder when walking. Be careful with touching: if an unheard cat gets scared, it can show aggression for self-defense.

In any case, you should not be afraid of deaf cats. After all, they are just as cute and beautiful, they just need a little more of our attention!

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