How much is the price of a Maine Coon kitten?

26 June 2022

The cost of Maine Coons can vary greatly depending on the pedigree, breeder, quality, as well as the health of the animal, there is no price limit. Basically, those who pay attention to a good pedigree when buying and spend more money from a reliable breeder usually have lower costs in the long run, as veterinary costs in particular can be very high due to disease.

How much does it cost to buy a Maine Coon?
With Maine Coon cats, a distinction is made between domestic cats and breeding cats. PET cats are cheaper and cannot be used for breeding. This is regulated in advance by the contract and can lead to a fine of several thousand euros in case of breach of the contract.

Young stock at the breeder usually costs at least 500€, but can cost more than 1000€. The price depends on the pedigree and color of the animal. Rare colors such as Maine Coon or Shaded are more expensive than more common colors.

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