History of the breed Maine Coon

By | August 27, 2022

The birthplace of majestic cats is the United States of America. The name “Maine Coon” literally means “Manx raccoon.” Maine is a northern US state. But what’s with the raccoons? The answer lies in one of the theories of the origin of the breed. We will talk about them below.
History of the breed Maine Coon
1. The first theory has nothing to do with wild animals. It is believed that the first settlers brought many varieties of domestic cats to the United States. In unusual conditions for themselves, they began to actively interbreed with each other, as a result of which a new species appeared. This version is considered official.

2. There is a legend that Maine Coons are the result of natural selection between a cat and a raccoon. Proponents of the theory argue that it was the raccoon genes that “gave” these cats a striped color and a fluffy tail. According to another version, the lynx was the ancestor of the Maine Coons – hence the cute tassels on the ears. Both versions of genetics refute.

3. The third version is associated with the French Queen Marie Antoinette. The wife of Louis XIV, fleeing the revolutionaries, decided to flee to America. According to legend, she sent a ship in advance, on which were her favorite things and animals. The queen failed to carry out her plan, but her pets safely crossed the ocean and dispersed throughout New England. Cats and cats actively crossed with North American counterparts. This is how Maine Coons appeared.

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