Education, care and maintenance of the breed

27 August 2022

Maine Coons are smart. They are quite capable of learning commands. The ancestors of modern cats were engaged in catching mice, so hunter genes sometimes make themselves felt. If you are afraid that a cat that has played out will cause damage to property, buy him an interactive toy in the form of a running mouse.

Caring for a Maine Coon does not require much effort from the owner.

It should include:

Combing. This procedure should be carried out once a week with a brush. The resulting tangles can be cut off.

The washing up. Bathe your pet with a suitable shampoo every three weeks. Difficulties should not arise – “Manx raccoons” love to swim.

Nail clipping. The nails of cats and cats grow quite quickly, so they need to be cut once a week. Get a large scratching post so that the cat does not damage the furniture with its massive paws.

Examination of the ears and eyes. Clean weekly with special products.

Assessment of the condition of the oral cavity. Lack of hygiene can cause pathogenic bacteria to multiply on the mucous membranes. You can pamper your pet with dentifrice sticks, which will gently clean the teeth of plaque.

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