Do I need to bathe a Maine Coon?

18 June 2022

To wash or not to wash? Many owners are faced with this issue. The answer is simple – of course, wash. Moreover, it is necessary to accustom a pet to water from childhood. As with any semi-longhaired cat, to which the Maine Coon belongs, the coat requires special care and attention. The care algorithm in this case is quite simple:

  1. Combing wool.
  2. Washing.
  3. Dry and comb out again.

Washing is a guarantee of Maine Coon beauty
We comb the pet with a comb with metal rounded teeth, preferably of different lengths. It will be correct to comb the pet from head to tail, while the tail is not recommended to be touched. The hair on it grows for a very long time and in general can cause aggression in the animal.

Almost all Maine Coons hide when it comes to bathing. But if you teach from childhood, then this problem can be avoided and the pet will, on the contrary, be happy with bath procedures. It is recommended to wash a Maine Coon breed either during the molting period, or in case of heavy pollution, if the animal does not attend the exhibition. Before the show, it is necessary to wash the Maine Coon for several days.
My according to all the rules of grooming. For this we need:

  • Cream or gel for degreasing wool;
  • Shampoo tint for Maine Coons;
  • Air conditioner.

First of all, a degreaser is applied to dry wool for about ten minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. The next step is shampoo. It is selected individually, suitable for a blue cat will not suit a white one, and vice versa. The conditioner is applied last. This step helps make the pet’s coat flow like a waterfall. It should be remembered that the conditioner must be washed off very carefully, otherwise the coat will resemble dirty and greasy.

The main dangers before and after swimming
Despite the popular belief that a wet pet will not catch a cold indoors, the owner must certainly make sure that there are no drafts. Since cats are by nature very sensitive to stressful situations, there is a high probability of a decrease in the immunity of the animal, and this, in turn, leads to the development of various diseases. Based on the foregoing, it is better not to bathe cats before and after vaccinations if any disease or relocation has recently been transferred. After each of these events, you need to wait at least two weeks before bathing your pet.

Bathing and travel
If nothing threatens the life and health of the kitten, then after the move, in no case should you bathe him. This can become a lifelong stressor and will be much more difficult to manage in the future. It must be remembered that moving is already stressful for a kitten.
To prevent the coat from looking dirty and greasy at this time, you can use baby powder. It will absorb oil and the coat will become shiny and silky again.

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