Clone Maine Coon cat

24 January 2022

In 2003, the Maine Coon cat was cloned for the first time. The hostess lost her pet named Nikki. The woman was so grieved that she decided to clone her favorite animal. It cost her 50 thousand dollars. Many began to criticize this procedure. After all, money could be spent on saving hungry cats. But the owner of Little Nikki was very pleased. According to her, the baby is similar to his prototype in everything. He has the same habits, appearance, character. And he also loves swimming very much.

Maine Coons are an amazing breed. They are good at everything: beautiful, majestic, intelligent and kind. “Domestic lynxes” are so popular due not only to their appearance, but also to unusual features. The owners of Maine Coons never regret the purchase of this large pet. After all, there are still so many mysteries lurking in these cats.

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