About Maine Coon

This section of the site is for those who are interested in how to provide the necessary care for the Maine Coon.
Here is everything you need to know for those who want to get a kitten and those who already own a Maine Coon.
Useful tips on how to choose a Maine Coon kitten, information about feeding kittens and adult Maine Coon cats, education and much more…

Puberty Maine Coon Kitten

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Gray Maine Coon

Gray cats have long been considered the keepers of peace and prosperity in the house, they say that they also help their owners to find financial well-being. But gray cats… Read More »

Can Maine Coons give milk?

Proper nutrition for Maine Coon. Probably every owner is concerned about the health of his cat. First of all, health depends on the nutrition and lifestyle of your Maine Coon.… Read More »

Can Maine Coons eat sweets?

We are too accustomed to humanize our beloved Maine Coons, completely forgetting that a cat is a beast, albeit a small one, but a beast. And she should have habits… Read More »