Cat Food for Maine Coon

29 May 2022

Maine Coons are large cat breeds, which means that food intended specifically for such breeds deserves the attention of owners in the first place. Such feeds take into account a number of important features in the diet of large pets:

  • jaw anatomy
  • high stress on muscles and joints
  • weight control

Maine Coon owners should understand that the health of the animals will depend on the quality of the diet. The best dry food for a Maine Coon is a grain-free food with meat as the main ingredient. This means that on the label of the finished feed, protein should be one of the first, and not cereals. As for grains or carbohydrates, it is better to choose dry food containing rice, lentils, etc., and not wheat or corn (as the main ingredients). It is worth noting that rice should not occupy the first position in the composition of the ingredients. The percentage of protein in Maine Coon food should generally be at least 26%.

Specialized food for Maine Coons:

ROYAL CANIN ® Maine Coon Kitten

Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult