Buy Maine Coon cheap?

26 June 2022

Do you want a thoroughbred cat, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Do you not understand why you should jointly finance the nutrition and medical care of the mother cat, as well as visiting exhibitions? After all, does the breeder enjoy it and have to pay for it himself?

Yes, it’s cheaper, but…
On each advertising portal, you can read ads like: “Maine Coon for sale, 8 weeks, 450 euros.” Kittens at this age have not yet been vaccinated, the maintenance and health status of the parents leaves much to be desired. There are no pieces of paper – so they are so expensive and you can’t get rid of them. But yes, pedigreed, the parents have the documents. If you then want to see them, they may not be found right now or may even be fake. If you really have documents from a reputable club, remember the name of the cat and the breeder! With confidence, he does not know that his cat is being insulted because of black breeding, and is grateful for the hint to be able to help his child. The fact is that you CAN’T know if a cat without documents is purebred! Do not buy a Maine Coon without documents,

If the breeder has no money left for basic vaccination and he wants to get rid of the babies as soon as possible, do you think the kittens received high-quality nutrition and care? The expenses for the family tree and membership in the club make up the smallest part of the purchase price, a maximum of 50 euros, or even less. If you are offered kittens without documents at a lower price, this is not because of the cost savings on the club and pedigree, as it is usually claimed, but rather because of the costs that have been saved somewhere else on healthcare and nutrition, which, therefore, is at the expense of your kitten.

Do not support such “breders”, you are saving the wrong way!

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a thoroughbred cat, you’d better think about taking an older castrate from a breeder, who is often given for a small fee.

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