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Can Maine Coons eat sweets?

We are too accustomed to humanize our beloved Maine Coons, completely forgetting that a cat is a beast, albeit a small one, but a beast. And she should have habits like a beast. And we are moved around our cat, offer her a piece of cake or ice cream. And we do not think at… Read More »

Can Maine Coons give milk?

Proper nutrition for Maine Coon. Probably every owner is concerned about the health of his cat. First of all, health depends on the nutrition and lifestyle of your Maine Coon. It would seem that difficult: feed well – and he will be healthy. However, “good” for a person and “good” for a cat are not… Read More »

Genetic calculator of Maine Coon colors

To see the possible colors of the kittens from the planned pair of Maine Coons, you simply need to choose the color and picture of the male and female, and you will see all the possible color combinations of the kittens from this pair. Color codes: n – black a – blue d – red… Read More »

Maine Coon has a fever

Body temperature in a cat is a complex indicator of the thermal state of the body. Cats are warm-blooded small predators, they are characterized by a higher body temperature than humans, and a large degree of dispersion. Body temperature in cats under normal conditions ranges from 38 to 39 degrees. We are talking exclusively about… Read More »

How to clean a ears Maine Coon cat?

A few questions about ear cleaning: why, when and by what means to clean. And, of course, a simple and intuitive algorithm An important hygienic procedure for your Maine Coon is ear cleaning. Why and how to clean the ears of a cat? We tell you what you can do and what you can’t do.… Read More »

Education, care and maintenance of the breed

Maine Coons are smart. They are quite capable of learning commands. The ancestors of modern cats were engaged in catching mice, so hunter genes sometimes make themselves felt. If you are afraid that a cat that has played out will cause damage to property, buy him an interactive toy in the form of a running… Read More »

History of the breed Maine Coon

The birthplace of majestic cats is the United States of America. The name “Maine Coon” literally means “Manx raccoon.” Maine is a northern US state. But what’s with the raccoons? The answer lies in one of the theories of the origin of the breed. We will talk about them below. History of the breed Maine… Read More »